• A schedule of non-track events, results and a commentary on the "exploits" of GAL members is published in the periodical, titled: "A L'AIR LIBRE".
  • Amongst the races, a certain number are taken into account for the "Challenge de régularité Allure Libre".
    Subscribed members that have run under the banner of the "RCB" are included in this challenge. The prizes are presented in January at the"GALa", the annual evening of the Group.
  • The RCB organises a number of races per year, the most well know of which is  "Les Hivernales" (the Winter Races) with more than 1500 participants at the start line.
  •  If you like the track, each year we also organise a one hour race called the "Course de L'Heure" in November and a "10.000m"m. race in general in May.