Each week the following training sessions are proposed: 

  • Tuesdays,  at 10 am (all year round): start at the crossroads of Drève du Comte et de la Drève du Caporal (Parking), in the forest, not far from the Boitsfort train station.  This training session is catered particularly for slow runners (8 or 9 km per hour, but not walking). This training includes a 10 km to 13 km run in the forest. As far as possible, everybody leaves and stays together for the entire run.  


  • Tuesdays, 18h15 to 20h, Stade des Trois Tilleuls: Av des Nymphes, 1 à Watermael-boitsfort :
    rack sessions at the Stadium dedicated to speed via « intervals » training.
  • Thursdays, at 10 am (all the year): start at l’Etang du Fer à Cheval (the pond of the Horseshoe), in forest, not far from the Boitsfort train station.  
     circuit in the woods from 10km to 15 km. In period marathons, possibility of lengthening before and/or afterwards. As far as possible, everybody leaves and stays together for the run.  


  • Thursdays / from April till Septembre –  appointment at 18h30 at the end of the avenue Charles Schaller Auderghem 1160.
     circuit in the woods from 10 to 15 km : medium distance including interval training.

  • Thursdays/ from Octobre till March  appointment at 18h30 Parc de Woluwe at the crossroads of Emile Laine and Vanderswaelmen avenues in the "Woluwe Park at the end of the Franciscains avenue.
    Same program as in summer. It acts of a circuit of 2,9 km drawn into eight, which enable us to pass by again instead of departure and of appointment all the 7-8 minutes!  

  • Sundays  10h00 – at the end of the avenue Charles Schaller 
    long distance session, .i.e. 15/20 km or more in case of marathon preparation.

3 trainers are available to guide you and depending on their availability may establish a personnal training program.

Training groups are organised to prepare for marathons. Consult here  the member's plans for the long distance runs.